12 September 2013

The Lack of Available Help on ISO 27001

I take stock of the situation regards the ISO Consultants I have contact.

Terry Russell of www.iso9001.co.uk replied to my requirements letter today but it wasn’t encouraging. He said he could supply everything I wanted – and he is UKAS accredited -but didn’t seem that keen to oblige.

He said

(a) your Invitation to Tender asks for copies of work that we have produced for others. I simply will not provide the procedures of any of our clients to another organisation, under any circumstances
(b) we normally only provide services to applicants who are referred to us by existing clients. You’ll understand that the risks go both ways. If we provide services to you, I need assurance that you are financially sound and are the sort of client that would want.

I know this sounds very fussy, but we are fussy about our clients. With your timescales, it would not provide me with sufficient time to conduct our checks on your organisation.

Sorry about that.

I phoned Paul from RPPT Associates but he said the he was too far away and too busy to get involved. He said he could provide from coaching from a distance but he suggested I look for someone more local.

On top of this, some considerable time after sending me written requirements to FXXP there is still no reply from them– despite the fact that Liz said she’d look into it.

So it seems that no-one is interested!

Is it because:

  • My requirements are out of scope for these consultants?
  • My requirements are too exacting and demanding for them?
  • There isn’t really anyone out there who has done what I am trying to do in the way I am trying to do it?

I like to think and hope it’s the latter – if only because it helps me reverse out of this cul-de-sac to spur myself on.

Based on notes from my diary and other records 

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