18 August 2015

But the media’s longstanding and economically illiterate habit

One time I was on the bus, and there was a guy a bit aways from me, and he snuck a glance at me a few times (non creepy, to me). He was about my age and normal to nice looking and not giving off any bad vibes, so I was a bit flattered. I thought he was kinda cute and was toying with the idea of giving him my info, just to see what would happen (because what if we got married? Then I have the best meet cute story ever), but I didn work up my nerve in time..

cheap nfl jerseys Paul Ryan is a radical. custodia samsung outlet He made this clearer before Obama, when he was solidly on the right flank of a Bush era Republican Party already in the process of abandoning any claims to moderation (Bush’s Social Security privatization proposal did not go far enough for Ryan). But the media’s longstanding and economically illiterate habit of treating conservative deficit hysteria with unthinking credulity allowed Ryan (who, like his counterparts on the left, knows that deficits don’t matter, except as political cudgels) to rebrand himself as a Fiscal Hawk. cheap nfl jerseys

wholesale jerseys Pretty much everything is generic and the pacing is extremely off since it feels like every chapter should been like 10 or 15 chapters in a regular manga. The bad guys were pretty generic (even the mc). I admit the story was a bit creative and new but that about it. wholesale jerseys

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