18 August 2013

Defining Services Required From an ISO 27001 Consultant

My search for hold-your-hand type consultants, my on line searching has uncovered two websites which seem of particular interest – www.sovereigncertification.co.uk and www.iso9000.co.uk.

If you dig into the site a bit, Sovereign has a lot of information and downloads on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – but not on ISO 27001.  The consultant(s) at www.iso9000.co.uk  deals with all three standards – and on the basis of my searching experience, this is unusual.

I speak to Mark Helm the senior consultant at Sovereign who is very helpful and sends over a lot of supplementary information.  Mark himself operates within a business model of remote coaching companies through ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and providing a series of downloadable templates which the client can amend to suit their particular business.  The downloads include a sample ISO 9001 manual .  This is the first version of one I have seen and I am sure will be very helpful in deciphering the legalese of the ISO itself into what is practically required within the company.

I also make several unsuccessful attempts to speak to Terry Russell of www.iso9001.co.uk.

Despite this temporary chink of light, I am getting increasingly anxious at the lack of clear progress.  So I decide to write down exactly what I want from these consultants – to write a spec.  This is what most of the unforthcoming ones have requested.  It takes a while but in the end I come up with the one below.

I write a pretty formal letter and talk about decisions of the Board etc which is in line with the way in which I perceive these “ISO types” communicate!

My letter is thus:


We are writing to you to enquire about your services relating to the acquisition by Data Eliminate Ltd of certain ISO Standards.


Data Eliminate (www.dataeliminate.com) has researched a range of accreditations and standards.  With regards to Standards, this has comprised a day of advance consultancy from an UKAS approved consultant specializing in the security industry,  the reading of substantive books on ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, 3 days desk research and attendance at 2 courses run by Supply London and participation in its business support scheme.  We have also spoken to business associates who have implemented various standards and obtained telephone overviews from a handful of experienced individuals.

On the basis of our research and information to date, the Board has decided that the following should be Data Eliminate’s priorities:

Standards Term Months to first UKAS Inspection
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 7858 Short 8
ISO 27001 Medium 14

The Board has concluded that ISO 18001 has no obvious commercial or practical benefit at present and its introduction would be too burdensome at this stage of the company’s development.
Data Eliminate is aware of the type of premises, equipment and personnel it is going to have.  The objective is to complete as much Standards-related documentation and planning as is practicable before the company focus shifts to servicing customers.  (In saying this, we acknowledge that adhering to Standards is an on-going responsibility).

Our foremost requirement in a supplier of consultancy services is flexibility and the ability to provide services in a way which is compatible with our needs and modus operandi.

We have an intense, fast-moving and thorough approach to the Data Eliminate project and have done considerable homework on this subject. We need a consultant who can take a running start from the position we have already reached.

The purpose of engaging a consultant is to benefit from external advice and experience and to save time and internal resource.

We are aware that many of the Standards’ clauses will not apply to us and that our documentation relating to them can be comparatively concise.  With this in mind, we are seeking the services of a consultant who can provide among other things:

  • A list of the Standards’ elements which are obligatory for all businesses and a separate list for organisations in our line of business.
  • Advice on other non-compulsory elements which may be beneficial to our business in the medium and longer term.
  • Policy, procedure and other templates for the compulsory elements that we can adapt for our own use.
  • Guidance on the wording of Standard elements which are particular to our business.  For example, we believe we have the body of an ISO 9001 Policy Manual of suitable size and style for a business of our size.  However, we require specific advice on the completion of clauses 7.3.1 through 7.3.7.

Before we engage your services, our principal requirement is that we are convinced of your professionalism and efficiency – and that you want our business.

We would also like to be informed of the following – where appropriate in writing:

  • An estimate of consultancy days required from you to help us achieve our short term objectives, over what time period and at what intervals those days will be given.  Associated costs and travel expenses.
  • The amount of internal Data Eliminate man days which will be required working in parallel with your consultant(s) and at what internals.
  • A similar estimate of man days (external and internal)  and costs pertaining to the medium term objective above.
  • An explanation of the work that will be completed by you and that you  will expect Data Eliminate to do.
  • Copies of documents such as policy manuals and procedures you have previously prepared (or extracts therefrom) which you believe are similar in length and style to those you would assist us in developing.
  • A brief outline of your experience in dealing with the above Standards.
  • Two references from existing customers who we may contact briefly over the phone to confirm the efficacy of your service.
  • The names and brief backgrounds of the person(s) providing the consultancy, when they are able to start the project and advance notification of any absences or unavailability of key personnel over the next 4 months.
  • A copy of your Terms and Conditions.
  • Details of your professional indemnity insurance (if applicable)


  • Please acknowledge receipt of this email by close of business on date in 2008 or by phoning Tel: 0845-1234-400.
  • Responses are required by close of business on xxxx.
  • Data Eliminate requires UKAS approved certification of its Standards.

If you wish to contact us to discuss the above, please call and speak to me on etc

We look forward to hearing from you.


Julian Fraser

I feel that this really explains the situation.  I send it to Sovereign Certification, www.iso9001.co.uk,  FXXP Associates and Paul from RPPT Associates – recommended by Adrian.

Based on notes from my diary and other records

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