28 July 2013

Starting the Search for an ISO Consultant with Experience of Three Standards

The next salvo of my enquiry and research effort  is to try and find someone to coach me through the implementation of these ISOs in a hand-holding kind of way.  I think this is gong to be a challenge as I suspect most consultants will want to do most of the work themselves.  Perhaps even more challenging will be finding one source of help for all three standards – especially a source which has an SME orientation as as opposed to a corporate one.  I know this will cost money.  However, as things presently stand I am uncertain if a I am going to make much progress without such assistance initally at least.

I start by trying to get in touch with Peter of FXXP – “ISO 9001 and BS 7858 man” who I had in for a day back in October 07.  After our session in October, Peter phoned and asked me if I’d like to do some management consultancy for his company – which was nice but unfortunately the day rate was far too low for me.  It reminded me of what template- driven version of management consultancy Peter’s was when compared to mine.

It takes me a good half an hour to dig out Peter’s mobile.  I could have gone via Liz (the savvy office manager at FXXP previously mentioned) but I am in the kind of mood where I need immediate results and I don’t want to wait for him to call me tomorrow.

In the end I leave a message on his mobile but I also contact Liz by email so that she sends him a message too.  This guy is going to know I want to speak to him and speak to him NOW!  I am becoming impatient to make progress and get somewhere!  In the end I do have to wait until tomorrow.

Based on notes from my diary and other records 

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