15 May 2013

Factors in My Favour in the PC Disposals Business and Factors Against

OK, so how do the odds stack up in this challenge?

In my favour:

• As a Management Consultant, I have a plenty of experience of advising clients on how to set up and structure businesses
• I am familiar with many of the SME ERP (business software) packages on the market
• I have set up and run companies before
• I advise clients on the web, marketing and sales strategies
• I have experience working with databases and advising clients on handling personal data.

Factors against:

• I have little direct experience of ISO accreditations.
• I am very anti-regulation and resent red tape and other controls
• I have only a limited idea of what an ISO means in internal practical terms to a company that has one.

I do know that it is meant to provide a benchmark or kitemark so that companies that possess ISO can be assured that other holders meet similar standards. IN other words they provide a framework for assurance between secure destruction companies.

Based on account recorded in diary 

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