03 June 2013

Finding an ERP Software System For an Information Destruction Business which is Compatible with ISOs

Perhaps my knowledge of ERP systems makes me pay particular attention to this issue.  But one of the central reasons for finding out about International Standards and what they mean of this stage of the business development is so that I don’t start using an ERP system which turns out not to be compatible with the requirements of ISO’s further down the line.

As a confidential data shredding business, Data Eliminate must be totally scaleable – in that whatever systems, processes and software it starts with can grow with the company up to 200 employees plus.  I had assumed that a reasonably complex software configuration would be required by the ISO but this is not the case.

An additional challenge remains – that is to find a software package suitable for on site data destruction services.  I know that vehicle tracking/ route planning and bar coding of data tapes, usb sticks, hard drives and the like are going to be demanding requirements.  On completing my initial research on ISOs, I will focus on software selection.

I now realize that ISO 9001 in itself is not going to require advanced automated systems and processes and therefore advance and expensive software.    A few weeks ago I thought this might be a showstopper in that the ISO would be so demanding.  The task is more to fit Peter’s simple forms in with the way an ERP software works rather than having to configure the software to fit the standard.  Much of the box functionality of an ERP system provides automatic compliance in ways which a fully manually system wouldn’t.

Now I need to look more closely at a potential joint venture with a US company  and the actual method to be used to deliver the data destruction service.

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