26 June 2013

First Meeting on ISO 9001 with my Govt Funded Advisor

I have my first meeting with my Supply London Advisor, Arthur, today.  He spends a while telling me what Supply London does and the politics and difficulties or working for a government agency.  He used to be a corporate buyer himself.

Arthur expresses some doubt as to whether Data Eliminate can be helped by Supply London as Arthur has to link the work he does to the number of jobs created to satisfy government statistics etc.  I get the message the whole thing might be too target driven and not centred on the helping businesses in the most practical way. Arthur has a  form analysing his work which he asks me to sign.

The good news is that he says he has ISO 9001 experience and that he can advise with the preparation of documentation and also on the first internal audit.  This could be really helpful.  He seems unsure about exactly how much he can help. I think the chemistry is ok.  I aim to use him when I really need to and save up some sensible questions to maintain the goodwill.

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