22 May 2013

Getting Hard Copies of the Data Destruction Standards and first Contact with BSIA Approved Consultants

Copies of each standard are available from the people that write them- namely the BSI – the British Standards Institute (not the same as the BSIA) but they cost about £90 a shot and I need two of them.It doesn’t seem possible to buy them on other sites significantly cheaper.

 I contact the Library of the IOD  (Institute of Directors) who (as per normal come back) with some<!–[if !supportAnnotations]–><!–[endif]–>useful information after a few hours delay.They send me a list of libraries where you can see the ISO documents.These include City Business Library  and Sutton Library  (in Surrey).However, on the same sheet it gives the restrictions of the access you get to the documents.Eg. You can only photocopy 10% of any particular document and at other libraries you have to book appointments.This seems unlikely to get me the information destruction material I want at the speed I need it.

You get a significant discount off copies of the standards if you become a member of the BSI.Peronsal membership is the cheapest at £100 a year.Due to a quirk on the web site one cannot join and then pay for and get access to the standards in one go.You have to wait for your membership to be confirmed.

I apply for BSI Individual Membership and part with approx £110.

 I decide to open up and second channel of enquiry – hoping to find out more rather than expecting to engage a service.On the BSIA web site is a firm ofISO consultants who have experience in the security sector.I phone FXXP Associates and speak briefly to a lady who sounds like she knows what she is talking about.She arranges to call me back.

Based on account recorded in personal diary 

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