28 October 2013

Finding Information on ISO 14001 The Environmental Management Standard

I am shortly scheduled to attend Supply London Course on writing an Environmental Policy.  Assuming the format is the same as the other courses, it will be about writing a policy which should be underpinned by and environmental management system.  I don’t really have time to wait for the course.  Adrian has told me that there was a Welsh grant to help small business achieve accreditation when he was working in Wales. A similar scheme in England could be useful to me.

I contact Supply London HQ and ask for advance copies of the slides for the course which apparently they can’t give me .  However, they do give me the name of the organisation running the course.  I speak to Charlotte at www.globalactionplan.org.uk and explain what I am trying to do.  Charlotte is helpful and explains that there is an “Acorn scheme” aimed at helping small businesses achieve an environmental standard.  Acorn is divided into six stages – the sixth stage of which is equivalent to full 14001 certification.

Charlotte puts in touch with her colleague James.  James is similarly helpful and offers two solutions.  He explains that his organisation does run courses on implementing Acorn or ISO 14001 in conjunction with different regional authorities for the benefit of small business.  There isn’t one in London for another four of five months but there is one in Taunton next week.  My sister lives in Taunton and this a four day course which I could attend while staying with her.

The other alternative James offers is one to one coaching. He says I would probably need 3 days to cover stages 1 to 3 of the six stages of Acorn.  This would comprise the same material as that covered on the courses.

I decide to search around on line for other Acorn courses.  In the process, I discover the workbook used on this course is available for £50.  At first its hard to get hold of, but then I order it form the BSI Bookshop in Chiswick.  Its entitled “BS8555 Acorn Scheme Workbook –  Phased Implementation of Environmental Management Systems” by Chris Sheldon.

I am confident that this book, some of the material at sovereigncertifcation.com, and the hardcopy of  ISO 14001 that has been promised me will enable me to make progress working alone on ISO 14001.

Based on historical notes from my diary and other records

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