13 September 2013

Identifying Records Required for ISO 9001 for Data Destruction

The final part of my IMS or ISO 9001 Manual is dedicated to the Management Records Data Eliminate will need to keep.

By reading through the standard and collating information from my other sources, I have identitied following records, the keeping of which I believe is mandatory, even if not specifically identified as such by the Standard:

MR1 Management Review Meeting
MR2 Non-Conformance Report
MR 3 Audit Report
MR 4 Corrective Action Record
MR 5 Preventative Action Record
MR 10 Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire
MR 11 Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

I am fairly sure I will need these for employees:

MR 12 Training Needs Assessment Form
MR13 Training Record

Finally are  are the ones I am voluntarily adding.  Without them I don’t think the management system would be worth its salt.  These include:

MR14 Client Inventory Sheet
MR 15 Certificate Of Data Destruction
MR 16 Items That Could Not Be Processed Report
MR 17 Equipment Conformity Check

MR14 the Client Inventory Sheet is what we send to clients in advance of our visit.  It lists serial numbers and other information about the items to be destroyed.

MR 16 Items That Could Not Be Processed Report is what is completed if we arrive on site and there is an item we cannot process. Eg. The hard drive is so old and big it won’t fit in one of our manglers then I think the Standard says we have to record this.

MR 17 Equipment Conformity Check records our internal tests on our crushing equipment referred to in my voluntarily introduced procedure MP7 Verification of Purchased Product.

My first draft manual comprises 53 sides. There is one side per section, procedure or record and relevant text  is placed on each page.  So there aren’t 53 fully populated pages.I hope this is the right approach.

I am getting to know the standard pretty well.   I now need to get Arthur from Supply London to review it.

Based on historical notes from my diary and other records 

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