18 June 2013

Getting Government Funded Help & Training with ISOs

With regards to the overall development of the business things are now starting to take shape.  The company has a  website, promotional material and a brand identity. I am settled on an on site data destruction business model  and that there will be no US joint venture.  Finally, I have preferred ERP package.

I am always conscious of the need to get the phasing of a start- up right.  In other words if something is going to take a while to come to fruition then make sure you start it early.  One such example is becoming a supplier in the public sector.  One part of achieving  this is having the accreditations and the ISOs – another is learning your way around the public sector – how to “play the game”.   I need to consolidate my knowledge bout the public sector  now so I can build it into the business development plan.

I’ve still got Steven Regelado’s card from the Lambeth Meet the Buyer Event at the YMCA. So I email him and ask him the name of the lady who presented alongside him which I have forgotten.  After a short delay he replies that its Carol Hustler of Supply London.

I speak to Carol.  She tells me I need to register with Supply London. I can attend some free training courses aimed at helping become a public sector supplier.  One on Health and Safety, one on environmental considerations, one on writing a quality policy and another all day one on supplying the public sector in general. I might also get free help from a consultant.

After my previous dealings with Business Link, I am sceptical about the level and quality of advice one gets from these government agencies. But  am going to take full advantage and attend the courses. 

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