03 September 2013

Sourcing a Sample Integrated Management System Manual

My research effort took a significant step forward this morning.  Last night, I met up with Adrian, my contact from the lack of quality seminar,for a drink.  He does seem to know about ISOs and he might be ok at sales.  I am considering that he may be worth employing.  Still, as a result of last night, he’s sent me a really useful email.  It’s a copy of an integrated management system manual for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.

This is the most distilled, concise and integrated document I have seen.  The requirements of the Standards have been merged to such an extent that its not possible to see which elements within ithe manual correspond to which of the three Standards.

Adrian also sent me a Legal Register which is apparently required by ISO 14001.   This is a huge spreadsheet listing about 100 regulations which can apply to any business.  This will have taken somebody ages to prepare.  I will need to adapt this to my business but having it will saveme a lot of time.  Adrian’s a good guy.

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