11 February 2014

London Computer Recycling – The Mission – Get Three ISOs

This project is about setting up a IT Destruction business in London from scratch which has quality assurance and security controls as an integral part of the structure.  Hence, the foundation stones of the business are laid in anticipation of  what the needs of the business are doing to be when it is considerably larger and is a major player in the information assurance sector.

This approach differs, I believe, from that which most people would take.  Most would set the business up and start shredding.  Then, when the business has acquired a particular size, implement Standards and controls which will be required to compete with leaders in the industry.

My feeling is that my preferred route is going to either be spectacularly right or spectacularly wrong.  The route I am choosing means there is a huge amount of donkey work up front before I am sure of the exact market response to the concept.  On the other side of the coin, it means that I can complete most of the structural work before I take more staff and save on costs.   I know from experience that there is little more stressful as an employer than having employees sitting around because they are waiting for systems to be configured.  My whole plan is based on the idea that its better to set the systems up first.

I obviously have surveyed the market but I now take it as read that the information security market is an expanding one and ripe for exploitation.  Moreover, most successful companies do not succeed with their first offering – they succeed with the second, third or even fourth incarnation thereof.   The best strategy is to establish yourself in the market with the right credentials and retain the flexibility to respond to the needs of the market which will become increasingly apparent the more one gets involved.

I know that my commitment to this Construct First – Sell Later strategy will be challenged every day as the company parts with or invests cash in its structure and framework rather than going for quick, route on sales from the outset.

Based on on account recorded in historical diary.

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