London Computer Recycling – The Mission – Get Three ISOs

London Computer Recycling - This project is about setting up a IT Destruction business in London from scratch which has quality assurance and security controls as an integral part of the structure. Hence, the foundation stones of the business are laid in anticipation of what the needs of the business are doing to be when it is considerably larger and is a major player in the information assurance sector.

Market Comment – Making ISO 27001 More Accessible and Understandable

Stuart King makes a good point about ISO 27001 providing the basis of public sector information security. The public sector oil tanker knows where it is heading but it is still very much in the process of making its turn. Being the public sector there may be deviations and hazards on route.There is, in my opinion, very much a disconnect at present between talk at the policy maker level in government and actions at the local authority or county court house level.