23 September 2013

ISO 9001 Manual Initial Structure

I now have enough information to tackle ISO 9001 and produce the first draft or text dump of  the IMS or Quality manual.    I have now collated the following resources:

  • A copy of the standard itself.
  • The basic procedures and policies left by Peter from FXXP principally relating to BS7858 Employee Vetting
  • Several downloads from sovereigncertifciation.com including a quality manual template
  • The Integrated Management System (IMS) covering ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 sent over by Adrian
  • The 5 pages from the Ray Tricker Book
  • One of two other documents from various websites

Adrian’s manual covers 3 standards and is considerably more consise that the Sovereign Template which covers only one standard.  I only have some parts of the former.  The trouble is that it is that what I have is so succinct and merged/integrated that I can’t really tell how the contents relate to each of the individual standards.

In Sovereign’s manual, the numbering system of the clauses mirrors that of the clauses within the standard itself.  This is clearly going to make life easier now but  I have read that taking this approach can have disadvantages later in making the manual too bulky.  Seems like its probably too bulky already for my purposes.

The challenge now is to collate all this into a coherent Manual and documentation for Data Eliminate. At first, I am going to pull a minimum manual together for .  I’ll do a generic one for ISO 9001 and one for ISO 14001 and then merge them.

I start with the ISO 9001 open on my desk.  I know now that I can pretty much ignore anything that comes in sections 1 through 3.  My first focus is Section 4.   I have the two manual templates open on my screen I start moving between the two, text dumping and amending.   This takes quite a while.

By the time I have finished the first draft of my manual is a text dump comprising the following headings:

1.0       Introduction

1.1       Organisation Description
1.2       Scope of Certification
1.3       Third Party Certification

2.0       Responsibilities

2.1       Office Based Personnel
2.2       Site Based Personnel

3.0       Business Processes

3.1       Description
3.2       Implementation & Maintenance

4.0       Quality Management System

4.1       General Requirement
4.2       Documentation Requirements

5.0       Management Responsibility

5.1       Management Commitment
5.2       Customer Focus
5.3       Quality Policy
5.4       Planning
5.5       Responsibility, Authority and Communication
5.6       Management Review

6.0       Resources

6.1       Provision of Resources
6.2       Human Resources
6.3       Infrastructure
6.4       Work Environment

7.0       Product Realisation

7.1       Planning of Product Realisation
7.2       Customer Related Processes
7.3       Design and Development
7.4       Purchasing
7.5       Production and Service Provision
7.6       Control of monitoring and measuring devices

8.0       Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

8.1       General
8.2       Monitoring and Measurement
8.3       Control of Nonconforming Product
8.4       Analysis of data
8.5       Improvement

I feel like I have take a big step forward – I call Arthur to advance book a session with him so that I can go through all this with him once its done.

Based on notes from my diary and other records 

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