25 May 2013

Finding Suitable Security Industry ISO Consultants For a PC Disposal Company

Security Industry ISO Consultants Required for PC Disposal Company

FXXP call me back.I can tell from this conversation that my challenge is going to be that I am asking for consultancy about a future secure data destruction business when these consultants are used to dealing with pc disposal businesses that exist.I forecast that some of the consultants are going to have a problem getting their head round this.

 FXXP focus on security in general.They deal more with security guard companies and facilities management than pc disposal and IT recycling.The first point of contact at FXXP is open minded and offers me an intro meeting with one of her consultants.

 She tells me that as a client I will get free copies of the ISOs. The day rate for a consultant is £500 but when you take the £180 cost of the ISO copies of this it suddenly seems more reasonable!The pity is that I have just paid £110 to join the BSI!

 I speak to Peter, the nominated consultant, on the phone and he happens to be in London staying in Docklands on in a few days time.We arrange to meet up.

 Based on account recorded in diary 

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