20 June 2020

Spicer apologises for hitler comments about syria

Spicer apologises for hitler comments about syria

President Trump said on Thursday that he understood the comments made by Ru바카라ssian President Vladimir Putin who said the country has been doing a lot with “good intentions”.

Asked whether this was a hit on Britain, Trump added: “He meant it very strongly, I understand that.

“When he said’syria’, I would understand it very strongly,” Trump said of Putin in a tweet.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Vladimir Putin: “I’m very happy and very proud of what you have done with Syria”

US President Barack Obama has defended Mr Trump’s comments as “sensible” and says that they reflect the president’s “core values”.

Mr Trump has also said the US will continue to use military force against Isis even if it causes unintended civilian casualties.

However, on Thursday, his son Donald Trump Jr told a Senate panel that he and his father wanted Mr Putin to be tougher about ending Syria’s conflict.

Asked by Senator James Inhofe about whether his father intended to “get rid” of Mr Assad, Mr Trump responded: “Absolutely not. You will see.”

In the same interview, Mr Putin responded to allegations by the US that Mr Putin had been trying to “collude” with Moscow by saying the US was “preparing to react”.

Mr Putin has called on the US and its allies to pursue a political solution to the crisis in Syria but has said there can be no military solutions to the crisis.

The Russian president told reporters on Wednesday that “no-one can give an answer to Syria without the agreement of the Syrian people”.

“They can do it by all means, without outside influence, but we think the political solution is the only way.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The US and Russia have differing views about the Syrian civil war

‘Unnecessary military action’

Following a visit to Saudi Arabia last w우리카지노eek, Mr Trump told reporters: “I said, we’re going to have a tremendous military action against Syria, and Sy바카라사이트ria’s military action is not necessary.”

Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu said the US and its coalition allies were “provoking a military conflict”.

“US and its NATO ally are acting in an unjustifiable and unwarranted manner, in contravention to international law and international norms,” he told the Senate committee.

A Syrian rebel source said US troops deployed in Syrian airspace had “no legal status under international law”