15 December 2013

Supply London Workshops on Environmental Policy and Winning Public Sector Contracts

In the last three days I have been to two Supply London workshops.

The first was the Environmental Workshop. This was a real basic level course aimed at getting you to think about the environmental aspects of your business.I feel good when I understand where it fits into the overall ISO 14001 accreditation process.It only covers the very early part of the Acorn book. Including the book, I am now in possession of a significant amount of information on ISO 14001 which I have accrued by my own research and feel I understand what is required.


The second Supply London event I attended is about Wining Public Sector Business. Its the third out of the four free courses I get from Supply London and I have been told by other delegates who have already done this one that this is the best course.  (None of these provide hard disk destruction services.)

Things get underway at about 930 and go through until about 3.This is the first course that we don’t spend the day thinking about policies and being introduced to real common denominator level concepts.Most of the slides/talk was about material I didn’t know.

We are given lots of really useful information including a great 58 page printed A4 booklet.At the back was a list of London councils and the way they took quotes and tenders for different values of contracts from the small under £5k, to the biggies over £144k which apparently have to be offered to all EU companies under some directive.

The course explained what councils typically look for in supplier.The basic is that they have the right balance of skills and experience.Companies are unlikely to win a contract which is worth more than a quarter of their existing turnover.Supply London gave a check list to measure one’s fitness to supply.

This course just confirms the importance of the ISOs and why they have to be tackled.I made sure I took a second copy of the course material from the empty seat next to me.In 17 years of running and being involved in businesses this is the most useful free handout or course I have had from the government.I can’t believe I am saying this considering the grief government generally causes business!

Based on historical notes from my diary .

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