12 July 2016

The important thing is to answer the above question

In 1980, sponsorship partnerships changed and the Wauchope RSL Club became the major sponsor. “Unfortunately, the club folded at the beginning of 2002 and has not participated in the Hastings League since then. Despite this, there are a large number of people who have been proud to be a part of the team over its history, and this reunion has been long anticipated as an opportunity for old friends to catch up,” said organiser Chris Hancock.

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Many fans believe this is one of the better kits that the Timbers have worn in the MLS era. Still, we feel there are better kits that the Timbers have worn.The 2012 13 kitsare simple and clean. These are Portland white jerseys in the MLS era and, though they weren particularly bold, the club hit the mark for a white look.

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