07 October 2013

First Draft Documented Workflows for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

I decide to use some templates supplied by Adrian to document the company’s main workflows.  Eg from receiving an enquiry, to providing a quote, accepting an order, rocking up at the client’s site, destroying data, providing destruction certificates and sending out an invoice.

The templates are in MS Word and I have to originate everything but the outline structure from scratch.  I had an initial text based version to as a starting point but formatting these in MS Word is very tricky due to the usual bugs and a completely different menu structure compared to the version I am used to.

It takes me a couple of days to sort the processes out because as well as drafting the documents I am developing improving the processes at the same time .  The full list of delivery processes which makes up 7 sides of super fiddly flow diagrams comprises:

DP1 Enquiry Handling

DP2 Estimate Preparation

DP3  Contract Preparation

DP4 Contract  Delivery 1

DP5 Contract Delivery 2

DP6  Service Execution

While going through the processes I have built a list of documents which as records will be key to the management system.  One example is a Certificate of Destruction.  Another would be an invoice.

Based on historical notes and my diary 

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